SHL Healthcare AB establishes new development and manufacturing facility in Europe.

SHL Healthcare AB establishes new 5,200 sqm production facility in Sofia, Bulgaria.

SHL Healthcare AB establishes new development and manufacturing facility in Europe.

Apr.29.2022  |  Press Release

SHL Healthcare AB, a leading developer and manufacturer for patient slings, alternating pressure mattresses & medical soft goods, has just announced the establishment of its first production facility in Europe. With approximately 5,000 sqm of development and manufacturing space, this new facility was chosen to be strategically located in Sofia, Bulgaria to offer our customers further flexibilities for lead times, logistics and production.

“This is an excellent opportunity for SHL Health care as we advance into the next chapter and increase our offerings in MedTech development and manufacturing on a global scale. By investing in expanded operations to tactical regions, we not only increase our development and manufacturing capacities but also demonstrate to customers our commitment in providing alternative production solutions for premium MedTech products and development and manufacturing services,” says Erik Bolmgren, CEO of SHL Healthcare AB.

To ensure transparent insight and full control over operations, the new factory site in Bulgaria has been fully acquired by SHL Healthcare AB and is to be managed by its subsidiary SHL Healthcare Bulgaria EAD.

“I’m very excited to be part of this new expansion with SHL Healthcare. I hope to apply the 30+ years of experiences I’ve accumulated in the textile and MedTech industry to build a solid foundation for us here in Europe. Our plan is to kick off with production for non-medical products in 2022 while working in parallel to ramp up for medical products starting end of 2022 and to further accelerate in 2023. It’s vital we take time to properly plan and implement all relevant quality systems and certifications.” shared Patrik Axelsson, interim General Manager, SHL Healthcare Bulgaria EAD.

About SHL Healthcare

SHL Healthcare is a global leader in MedTech development and manufacturing that offers a range of premium contract development and manufacturing capabilities such as CNC Sewing, CNC Fabric Cutting, RF/HF Welding, Product Testing, Assembly and more. Some examples of MedTech products SHL Healthcare manufactures include medical patient slings, alternating pressure mattresses, control units and medical soft goods.

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