SHL Healthcare Redesigns Packaging Solutions to Reduce Plastic Waste

SHL Healthcare Redesigns Packaging Solutions to Reduce Plastic Waste

According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), global plastic consumption has quadrupled over the last 30 years, 40% of which originating from packaging. In addition, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled. While a myriad of bans and taxes have been implemented by more than 120 countries to curb the increase, gaps in regulations still limit the impact of such restrictions. Consequently, it has become even more vital for both consumers and corporations alike to take on the initiative themselves to contribute to the movement whenever possible.

As a global leader in medical slings development and manufacturing and other MedTech products, SHL Healthcare delivers to customers all over the world. To ensure delivered goods arrive in optimal conditions, plastic wrapping is used to protect them in transit from potential damages from factors such as moisture, gases, insects, light and more. However, as a part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, SHL Healthcare has recently initiated a plastics savings project with the goal of innovating packaging solutions that balances both quality deliveries and plastic use.

One such solution is to redesign a larger sized packaging where 4 to 5 medical sings can fit instead of only one. Needless to say, the design will still need to preserve each sling’s condition when wrapped together. This modification can potentially mean saving up to 4 tons of plastics per annum per customer. Although SHL Healthcare may not be able to exterminate the usage of plastic packaging altogether just yet, the company currently utilizes recycled plastic and will continue to find new sustainable methods of plastic usage without sacrificing quality.

About SHL Healthcare

SHL Healthcare is a global leader in MedTech development and manufacturing that offers a range of premium contract development and manufacturing capabilities such as CNC Sewing, CNC Fabric Cutting, RF/HF Welding, Product Testing, Assembly and more. Some examples of MedTech products SHL Healthcare manufactures include medical patient slings, alternating pressure mattresses, control units and medical soft goods.

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