Conventional & CNC Sewing

  • Extensive sewing manufacturing capabilities & experience.
  • 100+ top-of-the-line programmable sewing machines.
  • Continuous investment in new machines.

We provide a wide selection of highly efficient industrial-grade sewing equipment to meet customer specifications. Each machine is equipped with unique sewing capabilities to offer various stitching methods. With several sewing lines operating throughout the day, SHL Healthcare provides global customers with flexible and high-quality sewing solutions that increase their competitive edge.

PFAFF Sewing Machine. Medtech Manufacturing by SHL Healthcare.

Screen Printing

We provide advanced printing capabilities that tackles challenging printing projects, such as those that require printing on unusual surfaces, or those that require highly detailed and accurate graphic reproductions, 3D surface imprints, custom colour specifications and more.

CNC Fabric Cutting

We understand the importance of investing in high-quality machinery and skilled professionals to optimize production and ensure the quality of the end-product.

By leveraging the benefits of CNC fabric cutting, we are able to precisely cut several layers of fabric according to customer-specified digital patterns.

  • High-quality cutting machines.
  • Automatic fabric spreading and digital cutting.
  • High precision and accuracy cutting.

The Vector 2500

The Vector 2500 can cut a single-layer as accurately as 1 “(25mm) of compressed fabric and assures flexibility and quality for the cutting of solid or print fabrics. This means that we can produce products with tight tolerances and offer multiple finishing options. In addition, by ensuring high precision and accuracy, we are able to optimize fabric utilization.

RF/HF Welding

  • 28 RF welding machines, ranging from 3-16Kw.
  • Shuttle table, step weld and cut & weld.
  • Output of approximately 1.100+ welds per shift.
  • In-house tool production capabilities, with sizes up to 2.2m x 0.6m.

Applying years of industry experience and knowledge to a range of RF welding machines ranging from 3-16W, we are able to optimize welding production lines and output high quality products.

While we utilize our welding manufacturing capabilities primarily for mattresses, we also weld medical patient slings, soft goods and other portable medical equipments.


In addition to our range of manufacturing capabilities for MedTech products, SHL Healthcare offers assembly services for customers that have such needs. Our factory employees can apply their years of accumulated experience in this area to ensure consistent and quality assembeld end-products.


  • Strictly Supervised Product Performance Verification.
  • Interface Pressure Mapping Capabilities.
  • Close Relationship With 3rd Party Testing.
  • Stretch & Laundry Testing.
  • Maximum Load, Ageing, Leak, Durability, Burst, Tensile Strength, Fatigue.

We understand the importance of product performance verification and documentation for the home & hospital care industry. To ensure our end-products can help and enhance patient comfort and functionality. We have developed a range of comprehensive in-house testing capabilities required for products such as medical slings, soft goods and dynamic mattress systems.

For example, our load test cell is used during development of new medical slings to determine what load a design can handle and can also be used in production as part of quality control.

Testing Sling. Medtech Manufacturing by SHL Healthcare.

In-House Testing Capabilities | Examples

  • Loading Test
  • Fatigue Test
  • Washing Test
  • Color Fastness Test
  • Pressure Keeping Test
  • Burst Strength Test
  • Tearing Strength Test
  • Tension Test
  • Elongation Test
  • Washing Test
  • Aging Test
  • Air Leakage Test
  • Pressure Mapping Test & Drop Test
  • Noise Test
  • Hi-pot Test
  • Temperature/Humidity Cycling Test
  • Software Validation Test
  • Functionality Testing
    e.g. Air Flow, Air Pressure.
  • Safety Inspection
    e.g. Needle Detection.
  • CU Function Test, etc.

External Testing For Full Regulatory Compliance:

  • Bio-compatibility test, EMC test, full safety test according to IEC60601-1 series, flammability test, ISTA Test, Rohs/REACH test etc.
  • FSA pressure mapping capabilities.
  • All products externally tested for bio-compatibility.


If additional contract manufacturing capabilities are required by a customer, we can accommodate through high-quality outsourcing to approved vendors. Furthermore, if the scale of the project reaches an acceptable level, SHL Healthcare will consider investing in new capabilities and technologies vital to the project.