MedTech Products

Our expertise in contract manufacturing and developing MedTech products includes:

  • MedTech Welded Products.
  • MedTech Sewing Products.
  • MedTech Control Unit Systems.
  • A variety of related accessories.

High Quality Products

With skilled manufacturing resources in China and Taiwan, project management, and business management in Sweden, timely responses, and effective communication, SHL Healthcare is committed to supply high-quality healthcare products that improve end users’ quality of life.

World Class Standard

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, leading healthcare companies in Europe and North America utilize SHL Healthcare’s world-class manufacturing standards to develop their products.

IP Protection

We recognize the importance of Intellectual Property and have a dedicated team that focus on protecting the rights of our clients.

Medical Soft Goods

  • Transfer/sliding sheets.
  • Stretchers & gliding boards.
  • Turning sheets & tables.
  • Lifting straps & support belts.

We manufacture customized products including support disposable and reusable slings, belts, turning devices and stretchers. In addition, we utilize our in-house capabilities to manufacture a broad range of high quality accessories such as straps for hoists, hooks for hanging bars, covers for lifting bars, handsets, bags for products and portable devices.